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We have used graphTrade from the early days to power order management, inventory and accounting system. To enable more seamless business operations.

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We are dedicated to automating your entire business process diligently.

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Explore the extensive breadth and depth of the graph ecosystem, encompassing professional services, infrastructure, support, and security essential for running a large-scale enterprise. Streamline intricate business processes, foster robust customer relationships, and expand your business footprint effortlessly.

How we work

We follow Agile Methodology specifically Scrum framework for software development. We have adopted Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration among the different agile practices.

Product Backlog Creation

Before any project work begins. We need to create a product backlog. It replaces the traditional requirements specification artifacts. This is essentially a list of the goals that need to be achieved in order to create a finished product. These are the list of epic or stories listed in order of priority. We conduct backlog refinement sessions to ensure that it contains the appropriate items, are prioritized, and that the items at the top are ready for delivery.

Sprint Planning-Srpint Backlog Creation

Sprint is an iteration, a time boxed effort in which we produce a specified working software. During a sprint planning session, we set a sprint goal and create a sprint backlog from the product backlog. Sprint planning is a collaborative effort involving the Development Team, Scrum Master and the Product Owner to clarify the details of the user stories and their respective acceptance criteria.

Sprint Planning-Task Denomination

In the second part of Sprint planning session we break down the stories in sprint backlog into tasks which can be tracked easily. The tasks are then checked for dependencies and the required time is estimated. We may also update the sprint backlog as more details are visible at this point. After that, we update the scrum board with stories in story to do section and tasks in the task to do section. The scrum board is used and updated during the whole sprint.

Working On the Sprint

This is time where the actual coding, testing, UI designing, technical write ups etc. are performed. We stand for 5-minutes daily scrum meetings to sync everyone with the latest development, improve communications, eliminate other meetings and identify impediments to development for removal, highlight and promote quick decision-making. We track our development work in the sprint board, remaining hours are plotted in a burndown chart.

Testing and Debuging

This is not a seperate phase at the end of coding as done typically, rather it is done inside the sprint. When the stories are ready for review, they are tested according to the acceptance criteria of the stories. The bug is fixed and retested if required. We perform the Integration and regression testing when all stories in the sprint are done. It ensure that the deliverable or increment is in working condition and ready.

Sprint Review-Retrospective

At the end of the sprint, we hold a sprint review session where everyone is involved. In the session, the work is demonstrated. We also plan for any changes that need to be done according to feedback. We hold a sprint retrospective session after the sprint is concluded to see what went well, what went wrong and what can be improved in the process. It enables us to continuously evolve and improve.

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The core values & principles that drive us

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The radiant human virture that binds relationship & together.


Being friendly, generous & considerate to other and yourself.

Team Work

We are one company and one team.


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To have enjoyment and fulfillment in our work.

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